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About Truck Wash Ratings

Truck Wash Ratings is the world’s leading provider of ratings for truck services beginning with truck washes, data, news, and analysis. Logistics and supply chain firms, as well as independent owner/operators, depend on Truckwashratings.com for benchmarking, analytics, monitoring, and forecasting of pricing, capacity, demand, speed, convenience. Environmental concerns and ESG compliance. The company provides the freshest data and market insights through Truckwashratings.com.

Truckwashratings.com plans to expand its offerings into real-time data on the waiting times for every truck wash in America including on-site mobile washing. Truckwashratings.com will ultimately become your “wash by appointment” real-time streaming network.

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"Truck Wash Ratings cuts through the noise of freight technology service reviews and specification comparisons to make you a smarter buyer and empowers transportation professionals by simplifying the service research process. Truck Wash Ratings offers professional reviews on truck wash services used by Truckers in supply chain, freight, logistics and fleet management.

Harold Rosbottom

Truck Wash Ratings Founder and CEO

How Truck Wash Ratings Works?

Truck Wash Ratings is a trucking community site, created by and for members of the commercial transportation industry. There are numerous vendors of the products/services we rate; all of them promote their particular product as the best. With Truck Wash Ratings, now there is a central resource for the industry to learn about cleanliness and maintenance products/services and evaluate the various options. Truck Wash Ratings brings users the services and products that best fit fleet management requirements and budgetary considerations of independent owner/operators and fleets, alike. 

Truck Wash Ratings invites users to write reviews and rate the truck wash services based on their experiences with them. The primary review for each service or product is written by Truck Wash Ratings staff; ratings are generated using comments and feedback from experienced users of those services and products. Although these opinions are their own individual opinions, Truck Wash Ratings believes the insight of expert users will be valuable to everyone evaluating the products.

So if you plan to wash your semi in the near-term, use TruckWashRatings.com and find the specific truck wash station you like. After the service, share your experience with the community, giving your star rating on the station page with your review. Truckwashratings.com wants to know what you think. Your opinion is valuable and important.

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Truck Wash Ratings' Goal

Truck Wash Ratings aims to provide information buyers need to make decisions on truck wash services that provide the fastest, most affordable, and convenient services with the greatest value and returns on investment to the trucker community.